Team Kid


Teamkid is Wednesday nights for kids ages 3yr. to 5th grade. Our goal is to help kids begin to have a personal relationship with Jesus. We want kids to have a growing relationship with Jesus through learning our bible stories, prayer, and Praise. 
We will learn how to read God's word and apply it to everyday lives in fun and exciting ways. Think of it as a Vacation Bible School every Wednesday night!!!

Here is an overview of what a TEAMKID gathering looks like!

First we will worship Jesus through Praise songs, then we will break into groups to learn our bible point, followed by prayer. Then we will wrap it all up with a fun craft that goes along with our lesson for the day.

We also have a point system in which kids can earn points to turn in for prizes at the end of each month, here's how kids can earn points each time we get together:

  1. 1 point for being present
  2. 1 point for learning our Worship them
  3. 1 point for bringing a Bible 
  4. 1 point for bringing an Offering
  5. 1 point for remembering our Bible lesson from the prior week
  6. 2 points for bringing a friend

At the end of each month we will give the kids options to save their points for a bigger prize or they can spend their points for smaller prizes!

We would love for you and your kiddos to join us each Wednesday night from 6-7pm!!

Feel free to contact Ms. Nikki Bruno for any questions!